Responsibility to Fulfill

As a company who discovers hidden values and creates new values,

We own both business corporations and educational institutions to solve various problems we face in the operation of our core business, human resource service in scientific fields. Our business corporations employ people, and our educational institutions increase our value by providing supplemental education to temporary workers for the further expansion of our business and employment. Furthermore, with the know-hows we have established in our business, we aim to contribute to the industry as well as increase our corporate value by eliminating dissatisfaction and inconvenience we, as customers, experience in the use of various services.

For the people working in our group

We would like not only to provide work but also the 'joy of working.'

・Introduction of work style that fits the individual’s lifestyle through a registered worker dispatch
・Employment with stable conditions through a full-time worker dispatch
・Establishing educational institutions
・Increasing employment opportunities through the ownerships of business corporations

Declaration of job satisfaction

We want temporary workers from the WDB Group to have job satisfaction and understanding. For those who are satisfied with their job, we want to provide them with even more satisfaction. For those who are not satisfied with their job, we want to work with them on their exit strategies and have them experience satisfaction in temporary work employment as a process of that exit strategy. We hereby make a declaration to become a company who truly supports the career development of temporary workers.

Commitment to our group’s customers

Providing 'work achievement' and 'value'

・Providing not only staffing services but also services in the form of joint research projects and outsourcing services
・Introduction of workers with improved skills to meet our customer demands. Introduction of WDB training system
・Introduction of a follow-up system such as periodical visitations by our specialized employees and survey systems
・Creating environment for strict compliance with laws and regulations as well as safe use for our customers
・Providing customers with products and service to their satisfaction by gathering staff with highly specialized knowledge to meet our customer needs

To our shareholders

'Value' returns

Corporations have responsibilities to return added values to the society by pursuing profit and creating new values. We will face our responsibility with determination and operate the corporation where each staff and employee will aim to maximize the profit. Furthermore, we will disclose important information on our company in a fair, appropriate, and timely manner to gain the understanding of all the stakeholders including stockholders and investors towards our company and for us to gain proper evaluation and social credibility.

For ourselves

Aiming for a company where people can work with pride

・Implementing training for all the employees or sectional training by level to share our philosophy
・Introduction of support system for the employees who want to obtain MBA or other certificates
・Introduction of various system aligned with employee’s lifestyle (introducing flextime, rehiring of employees, change in employment style in accordance with lifestyle)
・Establishment of mental health consultation services
・Introduction of a long-term disability income compensation system

For the society

Contribution to self-realization, environmental protection, and economic development through the creation of employment and jobs

・Career support
・Sponsorship of community events
・Hosting science classes for children
・Employment of persons with disabilities
・Contribution to corporate survival through business succession, revitalizing Japanese economy
・Environment-friendly plant operation