To Our Shareholders and Investors

代表取締役社長 中野敏光The WDB group is making a lot of efforts to achieve a consolidated net sales of 100 billion yen and net assets of 30 billion yen in the fiscal year ending in March 2021.It is a tough goal but we will keep trying without giving up.
In April 2016, we decided to invest the profits from the existing business in a new business. But in the fiscal year ending in March 2019, we put our resources into the human resource service in view of the current social background. They have issues of work style reform and the labor shortage, and we thought that we could offer high-value services to our clients by focusing on our main business.
As a result, we made a big increase of sales and profit in the human resource service and the CRO business. For a time, following the trend of the labor market, we will focus on the human resource service business which we have a big advantage on. We are also planning to start services in other highly professional areas in addition to science research career and engineering technician career.

In May 2019, we released a new staffing service platform "doconico", which has been developed to aim a greater growth in our human resource business. The new platform is a system meant to pursue the convenience for our customers and staff both. Whenever and wherever by a smartphone, the staff can search and apply for the job, and the customers can request staffing services or retrieve the information of the staff at work without asking to sales persons. With this new platform, we would like to make a wide growth step in the human resource service business. To make it happen, we will change our organization and make a significant human investment as well.

Also in our CRO business, we will build a similar platform system as with our staffing service business, and expand our business to a different angle. Last year, we separated out unpromising business and have rearranged our business formation. We would invest in a new business, growing business and human resources while balancing the investment in our future and the fulfillment of our responsibility to the present stakeholders.
No effort will be spared to achieve a steady increase in sales and further accumulation of profits because we advocate freedom and self-responsibility. To this end, we would listen to customers’ voice, try to allow the dispatched workers from us to work pleasantly and maintain a good relationship with the stakeholders. As a matter of course, we ensure the secure payment of dividends to our shareholders every year.

We have been making challenges and changes. Now, we have about 33%(*1) market share in staffing service of science researchers. We believe that it can meet our clients’ need to try other highly professional areas using our know-how.According to these philosophies, we desire to conduct the business steadily while maintaining challenging spirits. Therefore, we will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

*1. Estimated according to the data of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, our research, and etc.

May 2019

Toshimitsu Nakano
President and CEO