Business Strategy

¥100 Billion Company

FY 2021

Consolidated Revenue ¥100  billion
Ordinary Income ¥10  billion  (10%)
Net Income ¥5  billion (5%)
Net Assets ¥30  billion
WDB Group Total Companies Approx. 35

* Profit margin noted in parentheses

The WDB group aims to achieve a consolidated net sales of 100 billion yen and net assets of 30 billion yen in the fiscal year ending in March 2021.
As For our main business, the human resource service business, temporary staffing and human resources placement services will be conducted in highly professional areas such as the science researcher career and engineering technician career. In addition to these areas, we are planning to start services in other highly professional areas. Regarding our second biggest business, the CRO business, we operate clinical study and safety information management services and product-registration services in Japan, US and Northern Europe. We also operate the customer synthesis services in India. In a category of interaction & other business, we will create new business models for the age of the Internet and smartphone. Though the main area will be human resource service, in any other areas, our business should pursue purely for the essence of service and the true customer needs irrespective of the framework of the existing business. We will invest in this business and grow it for the future breakthrough.

It takes managerial talent to conduct the business by establishing a subsidiary directly or through takeover. Those employees who have achieved their performance objective through the management of branch activities within the group or those employees who joined us from other companies as a potential managerial talent are to administer the business as a managerial talent. Although many managers have emerged from us and the organizational structure to conduct the business has been completed, continuous growth still requires a lot of managerial talent. Since it is essential to continue to foster our employees, setting up the environment to provide them with both business experience and special knowledge is also required. Our employees can acquire practical business experience through extensive management experience in various positions during the constant growth of the company and can learn special knowledge by allowing them to attend graduate schools outside working hours. A lot of new recruits come to the company equipped with such a system wishing to experience a new challenge. We consider it essential to utilize these growth factors in a positive way.

Management resource of the WDB group

・Rich human resources of science engineers
・Strong operational organization in the human resource service business
・Educational institute to convert the dispatched employees to managerial role
・Trading performance and credit capability in private and public research institutions
・Organization which can perform a takeover by itself
・Organization structure which can foster management staff after employees are hired
・Various expertise derived from the existing businesses

Self-reliant Company

We can act in this way irrespective of business area because our company exists as an independent company. We are not limited by capital or by business areas, following self-reliant policies and wish to continue to exist as an independent corporate group in the future. We will steer the business agilely, responding quickly to any changes in business environment and economic conditions around us. Of course, we would listen to the voice of our customers and our employees and responds to the voice of the market. However, our philosophy is to continue to exist as an independent corporate group without any interference from anyone.