Disclosure Policy

WDB Holdings makes timely, impartial and pertinent disclosure of important information about the company in the interests of all our stakeholders, first and foremost our shareholders and investors, to ensure an accurate understanding of the company, as well as to achieve a fair valuation of the company and to gain the trust of society.

1. Information Disclosure Standards

WDB Holdings discloses pertinent information in a timely and impartial manner, in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other laws and ordinances, as well as the "Timely disclosure rules and other regulations for issuers of listed negotiable securities or valuable instruments" laid down by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Also, even when information does not fall under the Timely Disclosure law, but is deemed to be necessary for the understanding of our shareholders and investors, we use the methods appropriate to the spirit of timely disclosure and make the disclosure as proactively and impartially as possible.

2. Information Disclosure Methods

WDB discloses its information on TDnet, which is provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The information disclosed on TDnet is then promptly posted to our own home page as well, and when necessary, it is also made public to the media, along with any other disclosure procedures stipulated by law.

3. Outlook for the Future

In addition to submitting earnings forecasts to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, WDB Holdings also provides a variety of information, such as our current plans, outlooks for the future, strategies, etc. via different avenues, such as meetings, briefings, management comments, Q&A sessions, our written publications, postings to home pages, etc., to ensure that everyone, including investors and analysts, fully understands the company. However it is promulgated, when we disclose this kind of information about the future, anything that is not a historical fact is an outlook on the future; we create such outlooks based on certain premises and we disclose the information as prospective information which is based on the judgment of our managers, who make use of the information available to them at the time.
As a consequence, when considering our financials, such as the performance of the company, corporate value, etc., please refrain from relying solely on these outlooks when making your decisions.
Please be aware that a variety of factors may influence our performance and produce results that differ from the disclosed outlooks.

4. The Positioning of Our Homepage

Information posted on our homepage is provided for the convenience of those who are seeking information about the company on the Internet. In the interest of the fair disclosure of information, we post appropriate information as promptly as possible after it has been made public, but due to the vagaries of the Internet, such as availability and/or accessability, the information disclosed on our homepage should always be considered as supplementary material.
Furthermore, not all the information disclosed by the company is necessarily posted on our home page and the information may be expressed in a different manner from that made public in different avenues. The purpose of our home page is not to be a solicitation to invest. Investment decisions must be made exclusively at the judgment of the user. We ask that you use our homepage only upon the full understanding of these points.