Press Release 2019

Announcement: Corporate Logo and Corporate Message Renewal

April 25, 2019

WDB Holdings Co., Ltd. (based in Himeji, Hyogo, CEO: Toshimitsu Nakano, TSE code:2475) has renewed its corporate logo and corporate message. Accordingly, some of the WDB Group companies will change their logos in the same way from May, 2019.

The WDB Group has been mainly in business of Human Resource Services centering around Staffing and Recruitment services. In the recent social situation such as skilled labor shortage and Work Style Reform, we are strengthening the existing business infrastructure and expanding our business not only in the area of scientific research staffing, which is our core strength, but also to other areas in our scope.
Also, we are now developing a new business model to deliver a more convenient and easier to use HR services through internet. Regarding the CRO business, which is growing as the second pillar, next to the Human Resource Service, we are actively developing our business both in and outside Japan.

In this business transformation attempt, we have renewed our corporate logo and corporate message, which express our fundamental corporate spirit - WDBʼs innovation and challenge mind - in terms of design and language.

Under the corporate philosophy “Discover hidden value and create new value”, we at the WDB Group will keep raising our corporate value by continuing our challenges now and ever.

【 New Corporate Logo 】

New Corporate Logo

The new logo symbolically represents WDBʼs corporate philosophy and our nurtured DNA. Two corners on the left-hand side represent “hidden value” and “new value” respectively, while a corner on the right-hand side represents “contribution to the social development.”

These three points message out our corporate philosophy “Discover hidden value and add new value by shedding light there” and our raison dʼetre in the society.
Also, by the image that progresses toward the right-hand side, the logo conveys our innovative mind looking forward and our challenge mind not caught by the industryʼs conventions.
The coloring of new blue is based on the existing corporate color and to express our sincere corporate culture, “we follow not the common sense of industry, but the good sense of society.”

【 New Corporate Message 】

New Corporate Message

This is our new corporate message to express WDBʼs ever-consistent mindset, that is, to face our customers sincerely, to respond to their requests thoroughly, and to exceed their expectations by sweating passionately.
Joy of work, guarantee of results, possibilities of new business --- these are coming from straightforward honesty and challenge mind which is free from the industryʼs common sense. We have proved it in our own corporate history.
Thus, we believe that everyone at WDB must work day-by-day, facing customers sincerely, acting without fear for change but looking forward, keeping in mind “Respond, Exceed.”
No matter how the times change or our business areas expand beyond human resource services, we at WDB as one will make a further corporate leap with the motto “Respond, Exceed.” This is our determination and declaration.

【Contact Information】

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