Human Resource Service

As a pioneer, we will continue to be a top runner.

Since temporary staffing of researcher was recognized by law in 1996, WDB has developed the market as a pioneer. Now, one out of every three temporary workers in the field of physical science research is sent from WDB Group. We have about 1500 clients. They are National Agencies, universities, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and others. To have bigger market share, we will improve satisfaction of both clients and staff.

Characteristics of Our Human Resource Service

Style of Service Temporary Staffing
(Registration Type)
Temporary Staffing
(Regular Employment Type)
Human Resource Replacement    
Field Physical Science  
Clerical Work    

Three companies (WDB, EUREKA and WDB KOUGAKU) provide services in the field of physical science and engineering. Specializing business of each company makes it possible to recruit various people and provide a lot of choices to clients and job seekers. No matter how many companies’ services you use, WDB is a customer service representative and troublesome procedure is not needed.

WDB Group’s Original Training Program

WDB Group has provided continuous training to temporary workers since before the law made it obligatory. We respect each worker’s style of working and hope that he/she works with satisfaction.

Our Effort to Improve Service Quality

To make the best matching and maintain and improve staffing quality, we introduce the way of manufacturing. We have three pillar of our system: judging the nature of applicants, continuous training to improve workers’ skills and supporting workers to maintain their motivation and avoid troubles.

Business Model

Our Attitude about Human Resource Service

There are two types of temporary workers: those who want to continue to work as a temporary worker and those who want to become a permanent worker. We support both types of workers and provide training and opportunities (*1).

Promoting Positive Circulation

We do not envision limiting the access to physical science related researchers, but to encourage their circulation as we feel that it will create a larger pool of circulating talent. By promoting this positive cycle, we intend to be a corporate group that attracts a large number of physical science-related research human resources.

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