Corporate Governance

Basic Policies for Corporate Governance

Under the basic philosophy on corporate governance of the Group, we have built an organizational structure that reacts quickly to changes in the business environment, relying on the high level of information resources and specialization of the Group. In addition to fortifying the business management of each company in the Group, we aim for continuous growth as a corporation and aim to be a company that society can trust by quickly and accurately making information public to our shareholders and to the wider world.
In the interest of achieving these aims, we established the WDB Group regulations (WDB Man's Standards) which stipulate the rules that all employees must follow in terms of internal controls, risk management, compliance, etc., and for which employees receive training.
Furthermore, we have enhanced our auditing system and, recognizing that one important issue for administration is the strengthening of corporate governance, we continue to promote transparency in management, the reinforcement of our information management system and complete compliance with laws and regulations.

External Directors

In the interest of increasing the effectiveness of the corporate governance of the Group, we elect highly independent two external directors and two external auditors (audit and supervisory committee members), strengthening their oversight function to ensure that the management of the board is professional and objective.

Audits of Internal and Statutory Auditors

We established an Internal Auditing Office, which is independent of General Affairs and under the direct control of the President.
Based on the internal audit plan approved by the President, each department of the Company and all Group companies are subject to auditing and we conduct internal audits for legal compliance and efficiency. When points that need improvement are identified, the Office follows up until the improvements are implemented effectively and it ensures their appropriate implementation. Furthermore, such audit results are reported to the President and to the Audit and Supervisory Committee and we coordinate appropriately with the audit and supervisory committee members.

Internal Controls Committee

In the interest of ensuring that financial reports are appropriate, we established objective rules for valuations and a reporting system, and created a Basic Policy Guide. Furthermore, with the aim of achieving appropriate operations as well as avoiding any major errors, we established our internal controls committee, and had our Internal Auditing Office conduct evaluations of the internal control procedures. In addition, we work together with our accounting auditors whenever necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the internal controls related to the financial reports of the company.

Compliance and Risk Management Committee


The Group takes "compliance" to mean not only strict adherence to all laws and regulations, but also perceives it to mean imbuing our conduct with a moral and ethical basis. To achieve a corporate structure that would revolve around such conduct, we established both the Compliance and Risk Management Committee and created a set of rules of conduct and compliance manual for the WDB Group, namely the WDB Man's Standards. Not limited to just complying with laws and regulations, the manual The manual covers the various aspects of our business activities, with stupulations that include standards and provisions for proper ethical and moral behavior as well as the company's stakeholder relations. In addition to conduct ing periodic compliance training for our employees, we also hold compliance seminars for our business partners as part of our effort to increase awareness.

Risk Management

In the interests of conforming with our "Risk Management Regulations," fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities and ensuring trust from society, we are implementing a management system for risk prevention and response.

Internal Reporting System

We have established an avenue (Safe Line) for employees of the WDB Group to report suspected or actual misconduct or violations of the WDB Man's Standards, company policies and rules, or laws and regulations.

Committee for Protecting Personal Information

From the perspective of safeguarding personal information, in order to enhance the trust of not only the employees of the WDB company but also that of the staff dispatched as human resources as well as job-change registrants, WDB created and operates a compliance program that includes rules on protecting personal information for which the we were awarded Privacy Mark accreditation.

Elimination of Antisocial Influence

The Group takes a resolute stance in confronting any antisocial influence that might present a threat to the order and/or security of society and maintains social justice firmly in the face of unjust demands. In addition to maintaining a manual for handling such matters, we have established a section for dealing with them in the business management head office and have appointed an individual who is responsible for handling antisocial influences.