Message from the President

代表取締役社長 中野敏光We would like to appreciate your consideration on our business.
The WDB group has cherished the philosophy of conducting our businesses which is the wish to establish a favorable relationship with our customers, the dispatched workers from us, our traders, our shareholders and all our stakeholders to provide them with quality-services, keeping a moderate sense of tension. We also have the wish to become a company that is required, asked for, and appreciated by the world if possible. To attain this end, we would like to become the group of individuals who continue to make daily efforts. If I were asked about the purpose of running the company, I would like to answer, although it may sound haughty, that the I want to keep the company valuable to the world during the following process: We present our customers with high-valued services and products, and provide the dispatched workers from us with the environments where they can work actively, resulting in the increase in sales and profits, and the payment of tax and dividends.
I have conducted the business management under such a philosophy so far.

We have successfully achieved such a high market share that one in three (*1) is dispatched from our group in the human resource service market of science researcher career, which has been the driving force behind the group. We would pursue our efforts to listen to our customers' voice to satisfy their expectations and to build a mechanism for allowing the dispatched workers to work as he or she likes to create the environments where they can work actively. Under the current labor environment, we think it is sensible to focus on our main business, the human resource service, in terms of our clients’ benefits and the growth of our business. Under such a thought, we have developed a new staffing service platform "doconico", which is a system meant to pursue the convenience for our customers and staff both. Whenever and wherever by a smartphone, the staff can search and apply for the job, and the customers can request staffing services or retrieve the information of the staff at work without asking to sales persons. We would like to grow our business even further by utilizing this new platform. To make it happen, we will change our organization and make a significant human investment as well.

Also in our CRO business, we will build a similar platform system as with our staffing service business, and expand our business to a different angle. Last year, we separated out unpromising business and have rearranged our business formation. We have plans to develop domestic CRO business structures, invest in CRO business in global market, create new services using the Internet and smartphone, and restructure the existing businesses. We will raise our corporate value while balancing the consistent growth of human resource service business, new challenges and investments in other business.

The shape of the business can be determined by our decisions because we can conduct the business without any interference from anyone.For the existing businesses, we would make more effort than ever to respond to the trust and expectations of our customers and reward the employees working in these businesses. For the new business, we would make a challenge to gain a growth opportunity for the future while taking some risks.
According to these philosophy, we desire to conduct the business steadily while maintaining challenging spirits. Therefore, we will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

*1. Estimated according to the data of the Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare, our research, and etc.

May 2019

Toshimitsu Nakano
President and CEO