Corporate Philosophy

We are a company that continually seeks to discover the value underlying yet untapped and continuously strives to create new value

We, at WDB Group, are proud to be a company that continues to lead in the discovery of hidden value and add new value by shedding light there.

For us, to discover untapped values is to provide opportunities to those who cannot enter the workforce due to the constrained labor conditions and to provide the suitable workplaces to those who live up with underproductive work because not given suitable jobs. We would offer services that make each of those people to be able to display his/her competence and play an active part, by shedding light on them and adding our unique value to them.

For us, to create new value is to disrupt with the old and outdated business modes and to build up whole new models from scratch in a fresh perspective. We will create new services for the age of the Internet and smartphone, in which anyone can get anything, any information and any services. The services would make it possible to deliver the best information in the shortest time to those who need it.

We have pioneered a new market for science positions in human resource service. And in creating new value and ascertaining where value lies as yet undiscovered, we will have the means to continue raising our own corporate value.

Business Goals

Through our businesses, we aim to be a well-respected company.

・Quality management
・Employee talent
・Quality of products and services
・Good long-term investment
・Sound financials
・Socially responsible
・Good use of corporate assets

A company that facilitates happiness for everyone who is affiliated with us. This is no easy feat. But because this is the case, we look forward to continuing the challenge.

Corporate Responsibilities

As a company we have the following responsibilities to fulfill.

Fundamental responsibility...Earn a steady profit relative to investments.
Duties...Do not do anything antisocial or illegal.
Social support...Contribute to society according to our corporate philosophy and common sense.

The responsibilities that we in the WDB should fulfill

・Provide plenty of meaningful work
・Produce a large number of self-motivating individuals who can enjoy and grow through their work.

The loss of career opportunities due to temporary staffing, postdoc career issues and the loss of Japan's industrial competitiveness are concerns that we address individually in our business development efforts. In doing so, we seek to fulfill our fundamental, moral and support responsibilities.

Corporate Vision

Our vision for our customers:

Guaranteed Work Results / Added Value Plan

In human resource service, we conduct our business on the premise that rather than simply provide a guaranteed labor force we prefer to warrant the outcome of work and guarantee the results of our labors. While it cannot be denied that the quality of workmanship between individuals may vary, our company argues not only to maintain but also to improve on the quality of our services and products with rigor.

Our Vision for those who work by way of our company:

Provide the joys of work

We believe work to be a thing of great importance to human beings. And as a business dealing in human resources in particular, we are able to directly participate in this. Throughout our CRO business and the new interaction & other business - the element that distinguishes us as a group is our distinctive service. As a company we are deeply committed to this aspect so important to our work. As well, we aim in terms of work content, work rewards, work-life balance, self-growth, social value, work environment, human relations, and so on to be a company that provides each and every individual joy through their work.

Our Vision for ourselves:

A company that takes pride in its work

However insignificant the work might seem, we wish to be a company whose members can say with pride "I have contributed to society through my work here." Our company can conduct business with pride and confidence in knowing that each and every company employee recognizes their responsibility, and moreover fully acknowledges their role within the organization as a part of the whole. Besides having a system of operations in place and built up personally by us to bolster our pride, we have full confidence in our aim as a company to be one with the power to both transform our mechanisms of business as needed and adapt to any environmental or other necessary changes at will.

Our Vision for shareholders:

Returning value

Management has an obligation to shareholders, staff, employees, business partners and all other stakeholders, as well as to our local community and community at large, to meet the duty of our management responsibilities. In our pursuit of profits and creating new value, we carry the responsibility to continue returning added value to society. Without attempting to escape these responsibilities and with a resolute attitude we stand ready to confront the task that corporate management have all staff and employees aim to maximize profits. Also, our conduct as a company will be as one trusted by business partners and local communities alike, as well as one that continues to return a profit to shareholders in the form of dividends as owners of the company.